Our Central Station

Here is a quick overview of our Central Station facilities to help ensure we are running at peak performance for your customers:

  • Our 9200 square foot facility has the capacity to handle all the current and future technologies that the industry and your customers needs.
  • upsWe have a 300 Series Liebert UPS Battery Backup and auto switching generators (2) for backup power. Each generator also has a different fuel source (one diesel, the other natural gas) to ensure that we have a power source available whenever needed.
  • Our Century Link Fiber Optic circuit delivers all of our voice telecommunications with crystal clear clarity. Should we lose our voice circuit our SureWest Fiber Circuit will handle the load automatically. If both circuits fail then our voice lines will roll over to cellular backup lines that will automatically kick in and deliver our voice communications in and out of the central station.
  • Our robust Firewall and Cisco Business Management Switches ensure only the right information is transmitted safely in and out.
  • All of our internet services are spread out over multiple fiber optic carriers to ensure you have the services, speed and reliability you and your customers need. No more waiting!
  • We have 3 redundant automation servers to ensure that our ability to monitor your signals is not interrupted.
  • We are enrolled in Bold’s Disaster Recovery Center, coupled with the Affinity program through CenturyLink allows us to repoint your alarm traffic at any time ensuring your accounts will have continued monitoring no matter what.
  • We continuously monitor and record our central station and dealer services phone lines for your peace of mind. Voice recording integration into our Bold Manitou platform allows us to access the audio for an event in real time. No more waiting around for a call back with an explanation of the call. We can also email a copy of the audio to you or your customers with a click of a button.
  • shoretel_ip560_ip530_ip110_bb24_switchesOur ShoreTel phone switch is setup with load sharing for redundancy providing us with four phone switches through three different providers to ensure the highest uptime available. If a switch goes down, the others automatically pick up the traffic.
  • We have a dedicated 3000 square foot event center facility to hold in-house training, dealer training, and industry events.