Total Monitoring Services offers AES-IntelliNet wireless alarm communication.

What does that mean? What is AES?

aet-intellinet220AES-IntelliNet is a leader in the design and development of wireless alarm communications products using patented long-range wireless mesh technology. AES-IntelliNet products are deployed in hundreds of thousands of locations on every continent.

AES Corporation was founded in 1974 as a contract-engineering firm providing PCB design and manufacturing services. In 1976, under contract to the US Government, AES began developing a family of products for the security industry. This family of products fueled the companies’ growth for over two decades and today AES is a leader in the security industry with products deployed in over 50 countries. In the mid-1990s, AES responded to growing demands for a communications network that would serve the security needs of clients dispersed over large geographic areas or in regions without phone or cellular service. The challenge was to create a 2-way data network that was reliable, self-adapting, and required no dedicated radio towers or reliance on local phone or cellular providers. As a result, AES developed the first long range wireless mesh network, and the patented AES-IntelliNet technology was released. AES-IntelliNet is the foundation for a new generation of technology offerings in the security field as well as other industries that find the benefits of wireless mesh technology well suited to their application requirements. AES-IntelliNet technology quickly became the industry leader in the security industry and has expanded the technology into other aspects of the security industry such as home arrest monitoring and vehicle tracking. Today AES Corporation continues its commitment to IntelliNet technology, developing new products and applications that allow users worldwide to benefit from the advantages of wireless mesh networks.


Central Stations can provide 24 X 7 monitoring services to residential and commercial users of intrusion and fire alarms. In the life safety market including fire & security alarm monitoring there is a need to be alerted quickly and reliably. Alarm signals have typically been communicated by a telephone company wireline, cellular, or private wireless communications service to monitor customer’s alarms at the alarm monitoring central station. However many needs have emerged which can be solved by wireless mesh networks offered by AES-IntelliNet:

  • Increase revenue by collecting the alarm communications revenue in addition to the alarm monitoring revenue.
  • Protect customers against line cuts and failures.
  • Provide faster response to alarms by avoiding “dial-up” time.
  • Ensure the reliability of communications by having multiple communication paths.
  • Deliver new revenue generating services from one wireless network investment.
  • Install service immediately to gain Certificate of Occupancy for new buildings.
  • Confirm receipt of alarm with 2-way communication.

The results are that AES-IntelliNet provides more reliability, more redundancy and faster signal transmission than any wired or wireless network technology available. Furthermore, since the monitoring transceivers themselves make up the network negating the need for radio towers, the network is self-enrolling and managing – negating the need for real radio engineering expertise, and the fact that there are no monthly fees paid to a network operator to maintain this network, a wireless mesh network offers the lowest cost of ownership possible.

For more information, please feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to discuss how AES-IntelliNet can work for you and your business!