2016 Employee of the Year

December 21, 2016 Employee of the Year, TMS

We are excited to announce our annual Employee of the Year Award recipient for 2016. We would like to thank and acknowledge Billing/Accounting Supervisor Tiffany Romero as our 2016 Employee of the Year.

The selection process for the recipient of this award is done by the Board of Directors. Candidates that are eligible for the Employee of the Year must have met the goals needed for admission into the selection process. The process is based on prior awards received through the year for Employee of the Quarter and Bravo Awards, each are given a point value for each award. The Board met and selected Tiffany Romero for her outstanding service for 2016. Tiffany received a (1) week stay in Maui with $1,500.00 travel allowance.

Tiffany received this award in recognition and appreciation for her commitment to excellence and quality customer care, while ensuring that the goals and missions of Total Monitoring Services, Inc. are continuously being met and exceeded. In her time here at TMS, Tiffany has been a tremendous asset to the TMS team by exceeding all expectations in her department. Tiffany has excelled in her department, leading to an effective presence and exceptional response to customer inquiries showcasing her understanding of our goals at TMS. She has proven herself to be an amazing team player, who is greatly appreciated by her fellow staff  We are not only pleased, but extremely excited to present her with the 2016 Employee of the Year Award.

Tiffany’s unselfish dedication to Total Monitoring Services, Inc. and work ethics are an inspiration to all of us. Tiffany has exhibited the highest quality as a team player and dedicated employee. Her talents, skills and qualities are a tremendous asset to Total Monitoring Services, Inc.

Aloha O’e Tiffany!!