2016 TMS Christmas Party

December 10th 2016, TMS held our annual Christmas party to celebrate the season with all the staff. This year was a year full of fun festivities, the children in attendance got a visit from Santa and his head elf to kick off the holidays.


We had our first gingerbread house competition between the staff. The contest consisted of all teams getting the same base house and the freedom to decorate with whatever they had around the house and the only rule was they could not exceed a 10$ additional purchase towards the house.  Our teams were Dayshift, Swingshift, Graveyard, Client Relations, and Management. Everyone did such a great job working as a team to get their project done for judging the day of the party. Our judges were guests of TMS and not part of the competition and they awarded 1st place Management, 2nd place Client Relations, and 3rd place Swingshift.


We also had an ugly sweater/outfit contest for all attendees to the event. Our judges selected the winners based on creativity and originality. The winners of this contest were as follows: 1st place Marley (child of our Dayshift Operator Linda), 2nd place Kekoa (child of our Dayshift Supervisor Kalei), and 3rd place Dayshift Lead Andrea Castaneda.


It was such a fun memorable time to be able to sit and relax with the staff to enjoy the festive atmosphere. At the party, we took the time to acknowledge staff that through the course of the year have been such a strong addition to the TMS team. We again wanted to thank our staff for all of their hard work, dedication, loyalty, and commitment to TMS. Our team is the foundation of our house of cards, we could not be where we are without each and every one of them. THANK YOU!!!


TMS awarded Outstanding Service Awards and Outstanding Performance Awards to recognize those staff members that through their hard work and dedication to TMS have continued to be an asset to the TMS team. We would like to acknowledge and thank the following staff members.

Outstanding Service Awards were issued to Client Relations Supervisor Candice Fazekas, Day Shift Senior Operator Eric McKinley, and Dayshift Operator Linda Graham. THANK YOU!!


Outstanding Performance Awards were issued to Client Relations Lead Chelsea Noah who was also our runner up to Employee of the Year, and Dayshift Supervisor Kalei Fonoti. GREAT JOB!!


To top off the awards presentation, Billing/Accounting Supervisor Tiffany Romero was awarded the 2016 Employee of the Year. Congratulations Tiffany!! Please see the Employee of the Year article showcasing her achievements for the year.


Thank you Tim and Erin for such a wonderful year at TMS.


To all of our Partners, Dealers, and Vendors: we would like to wish you all a happy holiday season and wishing you all the best as we welcome in the New Year.