April 2017 Bravo Award Recipients

We are pleased to announce our April 2017 Bravo Award recipients; Products and Services Manager Dawn Smith, Client Relations Lead Chelsea Noah, Client Relatiosn Specialist Sue Beyer, Swingshift Lead Lexi Barka, Senior Operator John Jenner, Swingshift Operator Ariana Limpin, and Central Station Manager Darell Fazekas. These team members have demonstrated a desire to lead, learn and has become a great asset to the TMS team. Furthermore, these award recipients have gone above and beyond in every aspect of our operation. We are so thankful to each and every one of our staff for all of their hard work. Their dedication to 100% customer satisfaction is paramount to our success at TMS.

In recognition and appreciation for their commitment to excellence and quality customer care and staff support, while ensuring that the goals and missions of Total Monitoring Services, Inc. are continuously being met and exceeded. Dawn, Sue, Chelsea, Lexi, John, Ariana, and Darell are awarded the April 2017 Bravo Awards.

Congratulations Dawn, Sue, Chelsea, Lexi, John, Ariana, and Darell!!